Goose Buster Sonic Goose Repeller

Goose Buster Sonic Goose Repeller Goose Buster Sonic Goose Repeller

If you need to specifically repel geese, look no further than the Goose Buster Sonic goose repeller. Scientific research on the behavior of canadian geese. The device creates a distress signal which geese cannot become used to. Keep those pesky geese off of your property indefinitely.

This product is based on decades of scientific research by Philip Whitford, Capital University Professor. The distress and warning sounds used by the GooseBuster are the only documented recording of alarm calls of canadian geese. Geese do not stick around to see the origination of the alarm call.

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  • Scientifically generated real life geese calls recorded in the wild (only ones in existence)
  • Makes any area inhabitable for geese
  • Geese learn not to return to the area based on distress call
  • Custom settings for specific usage, fully programmable.
  • Four speaker system covers up to 7 acres
  • Great for protecting greens on golf courses
  • Keep Geese from coming near your outdoor eatery
  • Repel geese from ponds as they can become agressive to humans
  • Large Outdoor Areas excellent coverage up to 7 acres
  • Protect your investments from pest damage
  • Avoid costly inspection fees and fines
  • Deter contamination by bird infestation
  • Save outdoor grounds from damage
  • Keep your property looking sharp

Goose Buster Sonic Repeller

Item No. Power Price
GB110 110V $1,295.00
GB220 220V $1,320.00
GB240 240V $1,345.00

 Goose Buster Sonic Repeller

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