Irritape: Flash Tape Visual Scare Device

IrriTape Visual Scare Device IrriTape Visual Scare Device

Irritape is a holographic foil bird repelling flash tape. It uses visual and audible signals to scare birds, preventing them from roosting in the area. Irritape is a bird repellent device that has many names: foil tape, flash tape, bird tape, mirror tape, repeller ribbon, mylar tap, holographic tape, to name a few.

Flash tape works so well because of its unique 3 method action that utilizes sight, sound, and physical barrier. Visually the light reflected is seen as a three dimensional ripple effect that disorients birds senses. Additionally the holographic patern's interlocking circles mimics that of an owl which is natural predator of many avian pests. In regards to audible signals the flapping metallic sounds produced by the tape flapping in even the slightest breeze serve to create an unsettling and uncomfortable environment for birds to remain in, while being negligible to human senses. Finally, the tape acts as a physical barrier when installed linearly on roosting surfaces, making access to landing zones unattractive to pigeons and other pest birds.

Bird repellent flash tape is well suited to use in agricultural environments. Many grape vineyards use holographic tape protecting their rows during the harvest season. By applying Irritape to trees with loose ends that flap in the wind birds will be frightened from a distance making them avoid the area all together.

*This product is not suitable for saltwater applications


  • 2-inches wide, 2mm thick
  • Material: polyester
  • Metal mounting posts included
  • Available in 100' or 500' kits
  • Easily apply to wood, masonry, and other common surfaces
  • Easily cut to length with scissors
  • Weather resistant for longterm outdoor use
  • Can be applied:
    • Linearly
    • Wrapped around trees
    • As streamers
    • In a maypole configuration
  • Iridescent material shimmers in the sunlight, disorienting pest birds
  • Simple, cost-effective, and easy to install
  • Foil tape makes metallic noises as it flaps in the wind, threatening birds
IrriTape: Flash Tape Visual Scare Device
Item No. Length Price
IT100 100-feet $69.87
IT500 500-feet $278.50

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