Bird Stop Bird Repellent Spray

Taste and smell aversion

Bird Stop Taste Aversion

Bird Stop is a food-grade taste aversion liquid that tastes bad to birds and irritates birds’ trigeminal systems (similar to our sense of smell). Spray or paint onto surfaces to repel birds quickly and effectively.

NOTE: Product cannot be shipped to California or Nebraska due to registration restrictions.

  • Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 12"
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • EPA “reduced risk”
  • Biodegradable
  • Active ingredient is methylanthranilate (made from grapes)
  • Taste and smell repels birds
  • Developed with USDA
  • Chemically Organic
  • Recommended for use on outdoor surfaces, such as:
    • Grass & turf
    • Crops and flowers
    • Trees & shrubs
    • Signs
    • Statues & structures
    • Bridges & docks
    • Non-fish-bearing bodies of water
    • Roofs, walls & siding
  • Liquid can be applied by hand with a brush or sprayed onto surfaces
  • Repel pest birds including:
    • sparrows
    • starlings
    • geese
    • ducks
    • seagulls
    • pigeons
    • barn swallows
  • Birds leave the treated area for a better food source
  • Birds learn to avoid the treated area after repeated disappointments
  • Decrease bird related annoyances for clients, customers, and personnel
  • Maintain property cleanliness
  • Reduce damage to crops and harvest revenues
  • Protect landscaping and property from corrosive droppings
  • Reduce health, liability, and fire risks associated with avian pests
  • Prevent the spread of bird transmitted diseases

Bird Stop

Item No. Quantity Price
BSL-1 1-Gallon $245.00

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